#15 Things change

Hello my lovelies. I hope you are all well. It’s been a while since I have posted. A lot has happened!

So where do I start? First things first, it’s the summer holidays! It doesn’t really feel like the summer in London. It feels like a really long Saturday that lasts a month. Have I been relaxing I hear you say? No. No I have not.

A lot has happened personally. The person I had all trust in, I have no longer. It was a decision that I had to make for myself. I am telling you this as it leads to a few things.

The first thing this led to was getting closer to my religion and God. I realised that what I was doing was not permissible in my religion, hence why nothing good was going to come out of it. But, leaving the impermissible, allowed me to be permissible in other ways, which has made me happier and have full faith in God.

The second thing is that it affected my mental health. Now, I generally have a good mental health. I know how to manage it. But, something happened and my mental health was deteriorating and this was while I was teaching my cherubs. I realised that if I can’t manage my mental health, how can these children? So, I have taken up a mental health course for adults and children to help them manage it effectively. Just a side note: trust your gut instinct. It always turns out to be true.

Now, the next thing was nothing to do with the situation I spoke about earlier but, I have the most amazing friends! They help me relax, they remind me that I am a boss of my own life. I need to take the wheel and drive my car where I want. So, I researched and researched and researched as to what I want out of my life. Now, right now, women who wear hijabs (I wear one) are in the centre of media about the potential of hijabs being banned in the workplace in the EU. Now, UK are no longer part of the EU but who knows? They may decide to follow these European countries. This made me realise that I need to do more than just teaching. So, I created my own small business selling engraved necklaces for affordable prices. Let’s hope my adventure goes a long way. This isn’t just for the profits, but to put a smile on faces during the times where people may not want to smile. If you are interested, check out my Instagram page: @emmkayjewellery

To end this post, remember that everyone grows in different way and at different rates. Do you and do better. You are your own competitor. You need to be better than the you yesterday.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post today and I hope you are all doing well.

Lots of love,

Transparent Teacher xoxo

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