#13 IWD

Hello my lovelies, I hope you are all well.

Today is International Women’s day. A day where we celebrate women. A day where we uplift women. This post is going to be different than the rest. I am going to allow you all to come deeper into my life outside of work.

The first woman in my life is my mother. We have been through a lot together. My mother was a victim of domestic abuse and mental abuse. As a child, I witnessed this and my mother came out strong. She was strong for her children. Then she found happiness in my step-dad. She found a job. She looks after a house and four children. She inspires me to become the best I can. She taught me to be strong-willed. Strong-minded. No matter what happens, be independent so that no one can mess that up for you. I owe this woman the world and more.

The second woman in my life is my maternal grandmother. I only knew her for four years but boy! She was so amazing! When my mum had to work, she took care of me. She bathed me, fed me, wiped my tears. She loved me so much. To this day, whenever I feel down or I feel like life is getting too much. I always wonder about her. What would she do? What would she tell me to do? My grandmother is so important to me and she could’ve spent more time on this Earth to experience the woman I have become.

The third woman is my step-grandmother. She made me feel like I was always part of the family since birth. She cares for me like her own grandchild. Even though there is a language barrier, she always makes me smile in her own way. In my life, I have always felt lost. I felt like I never had a place to belong but whenever I see my step-grandmother, I feel like I am wanted. She inspires me to treat everyone equally and with purity.

The last woman in my life is me. There are women who have such importance in my life but I need to realise that I am important in my life and to others. I aspire to be kind, helpful, loving, welcoming, honest, friendly to all the people I meet. From whatever background. This is my aim. To be the best that I can be. To be there for people when they need me. To remain positive. To have faith that what is meant for me, will be.

Before I say farewell, I also have men in my life who hold the highest amount of importance and inspiration to my life. I have a lot of people around me with different experiences which, in turn, has taught me a lot.

But to all my wonderful ladies out there. You are all important. You are all inspirations. You are all beautiful, amazing and perfect. Stay smiling.

Lots of love,

Transparent Teacher xoxo

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